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When it comes to outreach, advocacy, public engagement, and people relations, we do it all

We focus on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction with a proven track record of success. Mays Development Group  provides effective approaches towards public engagement, advocacy, and outreach.    Effective  and successful services are  provided with competitive pricing, strong representation and innovative strategies specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.


We have built a strong reputation from offering creative and innovative ways to accomplish the goals of our various clients, creating and implementing “outside the box” solutions.

 Engagement & Outreach

We excel at charting the way forward. Working closely with our clients, we make their goals achievable, and we do it by taking their concerns seriously, carefully assessing their objectives and resources, and devising a plan that meets their needs. Our analytical approach and hands on  service helps our clients achieve success.


 We help our clients accomplish their goals by developing the right strategy, implementing tactics that work, and incorporating our grassroots and outreach.

We leverage the right approach to navigate tough situations and solve problems.

Our innovative people oriented data science is the future of  advocacy andgrassroots outreach. 

Research & Training

The best decisions are made with the best information.

At Mays Development Group, we specialize in producing research  that help decision makers plan, execute and achieve success. 

We make sure our clients have a plan based on the best possible information  about  their initiative.


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