We deliver new thinking on what drives your outreach, your target audiences’ behavior and choices.

Since 2000, Mays Development Group has helped clients develop strong outreach strategies using our People Oriented Science, Target Research and CVP data.  We are experts and hands-on researchers, working closely with our clients in service of their success.

We enlighten your strategy to strengthen your connection. Let us position your outreach with success by implementing communications strategies with unique, critical insights.

What We Do

Our portfolio of services is designed to aid effective outreach at all stages of development, from introducing our clients to new communities, organizing introduction events, developing target audience to message and grassroots development and beyond. We help our clients work easily with our research results and bring impactful strategy options to life.

To be successful, we help you to build a solid foundation for your communications and outreach strategies. Knowing your audience—where to meet them, what will speak to their values and how to motivate them—can be achieved through our target research. Specifically, our CVP data and target outreach approach  that helps you address the whys behind the behavior so you can make sound decisions when addressing the needs of your audience.