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~I Never Dreamed About Success I Worked For It~

At Mays Development Group, we deliver new thinking on what drives the world mindset, humanity,and audiences’ behavior and choices.  

When we learn to speak up and speak out, we increase our civic agency, which can be defined as the capacity of members of a society to work collaboratively across differences like partisan ideology, political engagement, faith traditions, healthcare, income, geography and ethnicity to address common challenges, solve problems and create common ground.

Since 2000, Mays Development Group has used Civic engagement  which demands that we move beyond our social circles to consider what an oppositional or undecided audience believes, feels, and values. Our skills in public speaking and public engagement helps to shape arguments and uses examples and support that will resonate with audiences to deliver powerful, well-executed, and meaningful speeches,  outreach strategies, advocacy, and discussion techniques.   We are experts ,working closely with our clients in service of their success.

We enlighten your  audience, and deliver strategy, advocacy, and engagement.


What We Do

Our portfolio of services is designed to aid effective outreach and engagement at all stages of development, from introducing our clients to new communities, providing surrogate services to clients and campaigns, hosting and moderating events, organizing introduction events, developing target audience to message and grassroots development, public speaking/public engagement and beyond. We help our clients work easily with our research results and bring impactful strategy options to life.

To be successful, we help you to build a solid foundation for your communications, advocacy and outreach strategies. Knowing your audience—where to meet them, what will speak to their values and how to motivate them—can be achieved through our research. and public engagement strategies. 

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