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~I Am No Longer Accepting The Things I Cannot Change, I Am Changing The Things I Cannot Accept~


Public Bench at Night
Meet Our CEO &
Game Changer

Dr. Alexia Mays

HerStory is one of overcoming, and reminds us that we can all overcome with Faith, Strength and Determination.

 Cancer survivor and sickle cell Warrior, she suffered the loss of her entire family by age 10. She used her pain and turned it into purpose. 


Alexia is a research scientist who focuses her time on clinical research, public speaking and public engagement,  equality In healthcare, policy, advocacy, political engagement and developing and executing policies to assist those in our most vulnerable communities. 




Dr. Mays is an expert on grief and loss.

Her own personal experience, as well as her experience with hundreds of people on the edge of life and death, has taught her the secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life, even after life’s tragedies. 

For most of her life, Dr. Mays has taught physicians, nurses, counselors, church and civic organizations, students, police, and first responders about the end of life, trauma, and grief.

She facilitates talks, panels, discussions, seminars and retreats for those experiencing grief, loss and trauma. 


There may be no population of patients whose health care and outcomes are more affected by racism than those with sickle cell disease (SCD). Patients with SCD are too often marginalized and dismissed while seeking medical care when their bodies hurt and they cannot breathe. As a Sickle Cell Warrior and Advocate, Dr. Mays works within the community thru public speaking, research, and advocacy to encourage  denouncing racial injustice and durable improvements for patients with SCD.

SCD is a life-threatening, inherited blood disorder, affecting more than 100,000 Americans. Painful vaso-occlusive crises, the hallmark of SCD, result in substantial suffering and lead to associated stigma. Without adequate treatment, SCD affects all organs and is associated with decreased quality of life and a shortened life span. Among the dozens of conditions that are screened for in state newborn-screening programs, SCD is the most commonly detected condition

Motivation & Overcoming

Motivational speakers are the single largest impact for productive performance. Research shows that clients who bring in motivational speakers for their events, see a correlated boost in  engagement and morale. Motivational speakers like Dr. Mays who brings her education, experience, and life challenges to every engagement knows that motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. She has overcome adversity, beat the odds, achieved her goals and knows how to inspire, and inspire others to reach new heights. 

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